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New Video; JTAG testing with XJTAG Boundary Scan

  • Find out how JTAG boundary scan tools from XJTAG can help you test, debug and program complex digital circuit boards. Works with devices such as BGA, FPGA, DDR, DSP, Flash, SPI, I2C or processors.

Using Lattix with IBM Rational Rhapsody

  • This video shows how Rhapsody models can be loaded into Lattix. Using a DSM we can see how unwanted coupling and cycles creep not just into code but models as well. Indeed, these cycles can be seen not just in code elements of the model but in diagrams as well. As a result, when some of the diagrams such as sequence or collaboration diagrams are implemented in code those same unwanted dependencies then appear in code. This video is an illustration of how Lattix can be used to improve UML models, to identify undesirable couplings early on, and to keep the resulting model clean.

How STM32 developers can speed-up development with a mouse-click

  • By Magnus Unemyr, April 14th 2015.
    Computers today are fast, and I suspect yours is no exception. However, embedded projects tend to be larger and larger, now often comprising hundreds of C/C++ source code files. With the new STM32 F7 (the Cortex-M7 based STM32 family with 512KB or 1MB of Flash) for example, you have a lot of memory to fill with code. The same goes for the smaller STM32F3 and STM32F4 families too for that matter. And so, also with the most powerful PC’s, compilation time can be lengthy, which adds to development time if you develop incrementally with a lot of re-compilations of your application.

New Yamaichi SMARC Module Test Adapter

  • April 2015, Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new test adapter for the SMARC computer-on-module standard. It realises the perfect alignment of the contacts and allows for 100% contacting reliablity. Due to the use of spring probe pins very high contact cycles can be reached. 

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