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Updates to LDRA Tool Suite Enhance Usability and Scalability, Expand Functionality

  • Version 9.5 provides more visibility into software life cycle to speed analysis across larger teams and more complex systems.

ARM DS-5 v5.22 has arrived!

  • DS-5 v5.22 brings Streamline support for Android trace events, updated C++ libraries in ARM Compiler 6.02, as well as documentation to make System on Chip (SoC) bring-up quicker and easier. We’ve also added a range of new example code and support for multiple DS-5 installations.

Keil MDK supports new Cortex-M7 Devices

  • ARM today announced complete device support in Keil MDK Version 5 for the new ARM Cortex-M7 based devices from Atmel and STMicroelectronics. MDK Version 5 is the most comprehensive software development solution for Cortex-M processor based microcontrollers. MDK includes IDE, C/C++ compiler, debugger, Software Pack management, and CMSIS software components. The MDK Professional Edition also includes the MDK-Professional Middleware with software components for TCP/IP networking, USB Host and Device, File System, and Graphical User Interfaces.

KEIL MDK & ARM DS-5 Time Limited Promotion

  • Logic Technology is offering a time limited discount on upgrades and maintenance restarts of KEIL MDK and ARM DS-5 licenses.

Datalight Reliance Edge version 1.0 has been officially released

  • This means first release of the commercial kit and MISRA C:2012 Design Assurance Package. The commercial kit includes many new tools and tests which were not previously available.