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BIOS Tools for Every Major Stage of the IoT System Development Cycle at Embedded World 2016

  • Insyde Software to Exhibit the Latest in UEFI Firmware for IoT and Embedded, BIOS Tools for More Efficient Development, and Systems Management Solutions for Enterprise and Cloud Computing Servers at Embedded World 2016.

ARM DS-5 v.5.23.1; New Cortex-A35, ARMv8-M Models and Video and more..

  • To start off 2016, ARM has added Juno r2 support in DS-5 debugger and new Cortex®-A35 and ARMv8-M models. In this update we also look forward to the latest ARMv8-M architecture and get ready to take advantage of improved performance and security.

Security Options to prevent Data Breaches in Embedded Designs

  • The definition of a data breach is “a security incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.” ˡ Avoiding this means controlling network traffic, access to the device and applications, and protecting the data in storage.

The fail-safe transactional embedded file system for FreeRTOS - Embedded World 2016

  • “Reliance Edge™ is Datalight's portable, MISRA compliant and fail safe transactional file system. It protects critical data from corruption, even when power failures occur.” A showcase by FreeRTOS.

New ProgMaster Programmer Series Integrated with LCD and Keypad

  • Dediprog releases new ProgMaster Series with integrated LCD and keypad. The LCD and keypad function was previously detached from the programmer as optional item. Now, we have integrated LCD Keypad with the programmer, which helps user to realize "ease of use", improve production efficiency and save space. This configuration enables a fully and truly standalone function without connecting to a computer.