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DEMO: Do More and Consume Less with TouchGFX on STM32L4+

  • TouchGFX now supports ST’s new generation of STM32L4, giving you a whole new dimension of ‘do more, consume less’ for your GUI development.

    The new STM32L4+ device is a new generation of the STM32L4 series that stretches performance to 150DMIPS (233 ULPMark-CP) at 120MHz, and it supports TouchGFX. STM32L4+ is an ideal fit for developing fitness bands, smart watches, small medical equipment, smart meters, and smart industrial sensors, as it allows for sophisticated functions and instant responses with minimal downtime for battery charging. Read more..

eXtremeDB from McObject Ads Lua to its Multi API’s

  • eXtremeDB version 8.0 adds Lua to its already extensive list of features.  Toward that end, stored procedures are implemented in eXtremeDB 8.0 with the Lua language. Lua is increasingly popular in embedded systems due to its compact nature and efficiency, as well as ease-of-learning.  Importantly, it combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. Read more..

Added Security and Connectivity to Data Management on the Edge

  • eXtremeDB was developed to provide professional developers with the tools they need to meet, or exceed, the demands of the industry and v.8.0 lives up to that goal.  One of the many new features eXtremeDB v.8.0 offers our customers to provide an IoT advantage is the way that the system supports “storage containers” on edge devices, improving connectivity with servers. The current generation of IoT networks tend to use IPv6, which is not optimized to manage massive data transmissions when bandwidth is limited (LoRaWAN data rates range from 0.3 kbps to 50 kbps). This can become a problem when an edge device only has intermittent contact with the servers and needs to deliver large packets of data. Read more...

Live ‘Idea to GUI Prototype’ Workshop at Embedded World 2018

  • Experience the magic it is to see an idea come to life, at our live ‘Idea to Prototype’ workshop at Embedded World in Nürnberg this February. Our Designer, User Experience Expert, and TouchGFX Developer team up with customers at the trade fair to get their hands dirty and take an idea to the prototype stage in an intense workshop session.

LDRA clears manufacturers’ path to IEC 62304 compliance

  • LDRA has announced LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices, a variant of its leading LDRA tool suite specifically tailored to help companies achieve IEC 62304 compliance and faster development of safety- and security-critical medical device applications. The LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices automates software quality analysis and testing while providing a traceable, auditable workflow from requirements through deployment for Class II and Class III medical devices.